Off Ice Ambassadors

Mylie Axon

Age: 8

City: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Started Ice Skating: Age 5

Started off ice skating: At the start of the first lockdown last year when I got my first pair of off ice skates on my 8th birthday

Favourite thing about figure skating: Is how unique it is. I continue to learn so many amazing new things every day and the feeling you get when you're out there on the ice is something so so special. AND of course my coach Dempsey.

Favourite thing about off ice skates: Is the fact it’s saved lockdown for me and gave me so much happiness during such a difficult time. I can’t believe how much it just feels like ice skating.

Fact about me: I'm currently the highest ranked skater in Northern Ireland for my age and skating level.

Skating career goals: Is to continue to grow & achieve, represent my country & make it to the worlds! I’d also love to be a coach one day.

Advice for new skaters: Love what you do & believe in yourself!

Christie Shannon

Age: 18

City: Glasgow, Scotland

Started Ice Skating: I started when I was 7.

Started off ice skating: I had a pair when I was a lot younger which I loved but I grew out of them then I got a pair again in the first lockdown and have been using them constantly

Favourite thing about figure skating: My Favourite thing about skating is all of it! I use skating as an outlet and a way to express myself and I love how you can create stories and emotions through movement, i also love how you never stop learning while skating, there is always something you can work on and Improve!

Favourite thing about off ice skates: My favourite thing about off ice skates is how they allow my to skate any time and anywhere!

Fact about me: I also love art and basically anything that is creative.

Skating career goals: My goals in skating are to win at nationals again and compete at the Europeans and world championships.

Advice for new skaters: My advice for new skaters is to always believe in yourself! So much of what stops you doing or trying something in skating is your mind!! A lot of the times you will physically be able to do something but the thing that is stopping you from doing it is in your head!! So with hard work and self belief you will be able to achieve anything you want to.

Emilia Giniiatova

Age: 12

City: Barcelona, Spain

Started Ice Skating: When I was 3 years old.

Started off ice skating: 3 years ago.

Favourite thing about figure skating: On ice I feel free and happy.

Favourite thing about off ice skates: You can do twice as much on Off Ice skates than on foot.

Fact about me: I even sleep in my Off Ice skates!

Skating career goals: To participate in the Olympic Games in Milan 2026.

Advice for new skaters: Always believe in yourself.