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No Ice No Problem

Our Off Ice Skates Are Now Used By Cirque Du Soleil’

"I was amazed at the specially designed Off-Ice Skating Chassis. The wheels are shaped so the skater can feel an inside and outside edge just like on the ice! I can now practise my routines on any smooth flat surface and then transfer back to the fantastic! I loved the colour coordinated boot covers as they make the Off-Ice lessons really easy to follow. Off-Ice Skating is really good fun, caters for all ages & abilities and, it's a sport that the whole family can do!"
Dan Whiston

The Denise Welch Winter Ball - Gem Appeal from Purple Mountain Media on Vimeo.

Off Ice skates have been used all over the world and we have worked with some of the best people including Torvill & Dean, Disney and many famous celebrities.