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"My daughter and I have road tested our blades, and we are very pleased with them. We could not see how they would feel like ice skating blades, but yes they do. We have not skated for over 2 years, so only got to do a few things. We just could not believe we could do so much on them, we just can’t wait for next weekend to try out more jumps andspins. We had lots of interest in them at our local leisure centre and we have got some more ice skating friends coming to have a look at us skate on Saturday!"
Wendy Pettitt

"I have received my skates - I absolutely love them. Have tried them out at home - it will be difficult to get me outof them now ;-)" Carmel Scarlett

"Tried the skates out this morning and am really impressed. I'm not confident enough on them to try 3-turns etc I cando most of the stuff I can on ice. My son could perform 3-jumps after just 5 mins in his boots! I know others from my group have ordered skates and I'm sure more will soon. They are 100% better than my rollerblades with which I had zero confidence so thank you all very much."
Dawn Gingell

"After some thought we decided to purchase. Today we have just come back from a lovely afternoon where my daughter put them to the test! I have to say she was amazing going round our local carpark,it was very quiet there. Onlookers were amazed at her, she was amazing, it really looked like ice skating,it was thrilling to watch, she loved the skates. I amnot the kind of person who rants on about things but in this instance I felt I had too. We are looking forward to going again tomorrow. I hope that we get an Off-Ice Skating rink built in Cardiff soon, as I feel this is something that would really catch on, I may have a go myself at it myself! Wishing you all the luckgoing forward, hope it becomes possibly an official sport!"
Susan Nourizadeh

" I have been having Off Ice Skating lessons for a few weeks and decided to purchase my own. I have not ice skated for yrs and cannot remember what I was taught at school around 35+ yrs ago. I thought the lessons were going to be hard, but its actually easier (IMO) on these skates and far warmer than the Ice Rink. So far in just 4 weeks we have learnt so much. Now I have my own skates I can practice and skate on almost any surface. Its also good exercise and helping me get fit! The coaches are great and will teach you at your speed and not try and rush you. I have been telling my friends who all seem interested. And I now hear that there will be an Actual school for Off ice Figure skating - Excellent!! Now I do not have to drive for about 40 minutes + to find a rink to ice skate. Everything you can do on the ice you can do on these skates. Take a look for your self and look for local sessions."

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