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Off-Ice Skating Elite Wheel Without Bearings

For skaters that are competent in skating forward and backwards and can perform crossovers and turns.

The Elite Wheel Without Bearings can be used for both in and outdoor use as the core allows for more flex to the wheel and maximum gripping power and offers a great balance between performance and durability. Please Note: Off-Ice Skating Elite Wheel come with standard bearings.

*prices includes vat

Dear customers, all the following blade sizes are now back in stock;

With the exception to the above the 220mm and 230mm blade packs and Boot & Blade combinations for the 220mm and 230mm are currently out of stock. We are charging 30% deposits on the 220mm and 230mm only to guarantee orders in these sizes. These sizes will be back in stock in September.

Please Note: P&P stated are for UK orders only and if living outside the UK please visit our postage page or contact us for P&P costs.