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Size Guide

Boot Size EU Size UK Size Off-Ice Blade Size
220 EU33 UK1 200
225 EU34 UK1.5 200
230 EU34.5 UK2 220
235 EU35 UK2.5 220
240 EU36 UK3 220
245 EU37 UK4 230
250 EU37.5 UK4.5 230
255 EU38 UK5 240
260 EU39 UK6 240
265 EU40 UK6.5 240
270 EU40.5 UK7 250
275 EU41 UK7.5 250
280 EU42 UK8 260
285 EU42.5 UK8.5 260
290 EU43 UK9 270

Edea Overture Ice Skate with Elite Off-Ice Blade - From £265.00

Edea Overtures are a lightweight ice skate designed for single jumps and axel. The fiberglass and nylon sole allows for more power and increased stability. The unique curve of the heel allows better weight distribution in the skate. The sole is waterproof and the leather upper is the same leather used on their top of the range boots and has been specially treated with a water repellent to make the skates easier to maintain.

The boots have 3 Swarovski crystals detailing the outside for added elegance and grace. The thin sole allows more wiggle room for the toes making the boots much more comfortable. The Overture boots are padded with microfiber fabric that provides comfort and support.

Stock Update: Please accept our apologies for the delay in the delivery of the arrival of your Off-Ice skates. Sadly, due the pandemic which has impacted worldwide our manufacturers have been unable to deliver the goods as quickly as we would have liked.

All pre-orders for the month of April and May are back in stock and the team are working tirelessly to get the skates to you.

We are doing our utmost to ensure that the skates are with you within the quickest timeframe.

Over the next few days we will have limited customer services so waiting time for email responses will be longer as staff are working despatching orders.

Please Note: All new customers wishing to make an order, your expected dispatch date will be late July. We are charging 30% deposits on these blades to guarantee orders.

With exception to the above the 220mm blades will not be back in stock until September. However, we are still charging 30% deposits on these blades to guarantee orders.

P&P stated are for UK orders only and if living outside the UK please visit our postage page or contact us for P&P costs.

Edea Overture Ice Skate Boot Only

Customer Notice: Please note all prices below are 30% Pre-Payment. We will be in contact with you to make final payment when items are back in stock.

White Boot: PRE-ORDER
Black Boot: PRE-ORDER

Elite Blade Fitted

Blade Type
*prices includes vat