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Torvill & Dean at Bristol Hippodrome Cinderella Pantomime on Off-Ice Skates 15th December 2016
Off-Ice Skating - Torvill & Dean
PISTA HIELO CDO COVARESA pictured wearing our off-ice skates, take a look at the images below.

Off-Ice Skating - Skating Club Off-Ice Skating - Skating Club Off-Ice Skating - Skating Club
New Website Launch30th July 2014
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website!

We hope that you find our new website has a fresh new look and an easier navigation system, meaning you can find the information you are looking for quickly!
New Elite Fast Wheels - Available To Purchase Now 28th June 2014
Off-Ice Skating - New Wheels If you like speed then our new fast elite wheels are for you! Now available on our online shop to purchase.

The Elite Wheel can be used for both in and outdoor use as the core allows for more flex to the wheel and maximum
gripping power and offers a great balance between performance and durability.

We recommend for those who are of a good skating standard.

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IMP Join Forces with KCO to Invest in Off Ice Skating 12th June 2014
Off-Ice Skating - ICO IMP, currently one of the largest media suppliers to UK Ice Skating has this week bought has today confirmed they have completed there investment in KCO Inline Skating Limited. KCO are the suppliers and manufacturers of the 'Off Ice' Skating blade and also the Skate Excellence 'Learn to Skate' Initiative. IMP has been looking to extend its activity within skating and originally met KCO directors Karen Coombes and Karen O'Neill after they had appeared on Dragons Den in 2009.

The 'two Karens' originally developed the 'Off Ice' skating blade to meet the demands of people wanting to ice skate but had no facilities. IMP will be working with KCO to strengthen the brand and help increase awareness globally for both the blades and 'Learn to Skate' programme.

IMP MD, Heath Rhodes commented 'Having had 16 years of commercial success with branding and marketing within most ice skating disciplines and also public ice skating, we felt that the time is now right to work with a new product to bring to market. We have known of the 'off ice' skate for some time and the fact that the Skate Excellence 'Learn to Skate' programme lends well to both off ice and on ice make the relationship even more desirable.

KCO have been making and selling the 'Off Ice' blades for a number of years and have had success in many different countries including the UK. The Off-Ice blade is completely different from a normal inline skate/rollerblade. It has a uniquely shaped rockered effect blade, which mimics an ice skate blade.

This means that at any one time you are balancing on no more than two wheels. The specially designed wheels have chamfered edges. And at the front there is a toe rake. You can even balance on one wheel and all these elements combine to enable the skater to do jumps, spins, and all the manoeuvres usually performed on ice.

KCO Director Karen O'Neill also commented 'We are delighted to have IMP as our partner in developing both the blade, the Learn to Skate programme, and the brands going forward. The blade has come on leaps and bounds since we first launched in 2010 - we feel that the additional support IMP can offer will increase revenue and make product awareness much stronger'