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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't ice skate – does that matter?
Whether you're a professional ice skater or have never gone near an ice rink in your life, Off-Ice Skating is perfect for you! The Off-Ice Skating Starter Pack includes a 'Learn To Off-Ice Skate' DVD that guides you through the basic steps of Off-Ice Skating. Once you've mastered the first DVD, you can then purchase from our range of learn to Off-Ice Skate and Get Fit DVDs. Start off by learning them in front of the TV before going outside and showing the World what you can do!

How are Off-Ice Skates different to Inline/Roller Skates?
Off-Ice Skating is not inline skating and we have designed a skate to mimic ice skating. Unlike inline where you have all the wheels on the ground at the same time, our Chassis is rockered so you only ever have one to two wheels on the ground at any one time. This allows the skater to rock onto their front wheels to spin, turn and jump. Our wheels are chamfered to re-create an inside and outside edge.

Should I purchase the Off-Ice Skating Starter Pack or the Off-Ice Skating Chassis Pack?
The Off-Ice Skating Starter Pack is the perfect way to get into Off-Ice Skating. With the Boot Covers and 'Learn To Off-Ice Skate' DVD you will be talked through how to skate and get fit! The Off-Ice Skating Chassis Pack is designed for the elite ice skater. If you are an ice skating competitor that is currently skating at NISA Level 1 or higher this pack is perfect for you.

I’m an ice skater – can I do everything I do on the ice, off it?
Everything you do on the ice, you can do off it, with Off-Ice Skating! Spins, jumps, axels and more! Check out our video gallery to see what other skaters have got up to.

What surface should I Off-Ice Skate on?
Off-Ice Skating is best on a dry smooth flat surface. Examples of good flooring are wood, laminate, tarmac, granite, marble, concrete, etc. School halls, town halls, church halls, tennis courts, parks, and more! We recommend you wear protective gear when Off-Ice Skating.

How often will I need to replace my wheels?
The rougher the surface you skate on, the quicker the wheels will need replacing. To mimic ice skating the best surface would be flat and smooth. You will find the front wheel will need replacing first as this is where you spin, turn and jump.New wheels are in stock and available for you to buy at £4 in our Off-Ice Skating shop.

How long will it take to deliver my new Off-IceSkates?
Standard delivery is 7-10 working days. We will send you Off-Ice Skates or Chassis Pack to you by 1st Class Registered post via DHL. If you wish to receive your products faster please call or email us for more options. European and Worldwide delivery options are available with options ranging from 7 to 10 working days depending on cost.

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