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A Little Bit About Off-Ice Skating...

The Company

Founded in 2008 by Karen Coombes and Karen O’Neill, affectionately known as “the 2 Karens”, Off-Ice Skates has, in the last 10 years expanded across the globe. From humble beginnings, including family members setting up workshops in their garden sheds, the passion from “the 2 Karens” for perfecting this product has resulted in them being used by some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world.

The 2 Karens

Karen Coombes has skated since she was 8 years old and went on to have a successful career as a pro skater and coach. Over the years, Karen noticed the decline in the number ice rinks across the country. She knew there must be a way to reach more people and let them see for themselves what an exciting and thrilling sport ice-skating is.

Karen O’Neill who, ironically was brought up in County Wicklow, Ireland, a country that at the time had no ice rinks, however she does have a wealth of experience in the leisure industry. Karen who was working at a large London leisure centre with Karen Coombes, agreed that there was something missing in industry and together they began to develop a skate that would enable you to experience the thrill of being on the ice but without ice! In 2006, a new reality TV programme launched and it took the UK by storm. Dancing On Ice excited viewers, young and old, and there was a renewed love for ice-skating again. But less and less rinks around the country, where could they go?

The 2 Karens spent the next 2 years working on perfecting an inline skate that would mimic an ice-skate and the “Off-Ice Skate” was born.

The Product

The Off-Ice Skate is completely different from a traditional inlineskate/rollerblade. It has a uniquely shaped rockered chassis, which means that at any one time you are balancing on no more that 2 of the wheels. The beginner wheels have been designed with chamfered edges for greater stability and there is a toe rake at the front, which enables you to perform all the jumps. All of these components along with the fact that you even able to spin on one wheel ensures that the skater can perform jumps, spins and all the other skills found on the ice. Whilst the starter skates come with medium performance bearings, as you become more proficient you can upgrade to elite bearings and wheels to give you more speed. The Off-Ice Skating into boot, itself, has been specifically designed to give more support than an ordinary ice-skating boot. However, for a more skilled skater, a choice of boots are available to attach to the Off-Ice Skate chassis too.

Over the last 10 years, we are proud that our product has been used numerous film and TV productions including Little Woman, Dr Who, Britain’s Got Talent, The Jonathan Ross show, The Royal Variety performance, the 2012 closing ceremony of the Olympic Games and many more.

They have been used by the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil, former Olympic gold medalists Torvill & Dean, and the celebrities on Dancing on Ice to assist in training for the on ice shows.
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